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  • We love Rock&Roll
    and its attitude,
    because that’s exactly
    how brands should
    connect with their consumers.
    We love turning
    consumers into fans.
    We love Jim Morrison because
    he said "I am the Lizard King,
    I can do anything".
    We love Camper, IKEA, Carrefour,
    BMW and Casio because they
    are some of our clients.
  • We love Ben&Jerry’s
    when they’re not empty and
    Moleskines when they’re full.
    We love Barcelona because
    its Barcelona and it’s five minutes
    from the rest of the world.
    We love good ideas and
    draught beer although
    one isn’t necessarily
    connected to the other.
  • We love the future because
    we can invent it.
    We love music because
    it says things that words
    could never say.
    We love the impossible because
    it's like the bogeyman,
    a lie to make people behave.
  • We love technology because,
    right from the beginning it has
    always created the coolest
    tools for artists to best
    express themselves.
    We love ping-pong because
    it’s like life itself: there is
    no ping without the pong.
  • We love post-its because
    they’re like Twitter, only on paper.
    We love the word "beautiful"
    because it’s impossible to say it
    without getting emotional.
    We love energy. The good sort.
    The kind that’s created when
    someone smiles.
  • We love badminton, levitation
    and all those things that
    we haven’t done yet.
  • We love creativity,
    because, in reality,
    it’s the only thing
    we’d take with us to a
    desert island.
  • We are an independent creative agency based in Barcelona with a digital DNA.
  • Our roadtrip began way back in 1997. Today we are a group of 35+ multi-disciplined professionals in love with what we do.
    We’re based in Barcelona but from all over the world.
  • We try and bring a welcome breath of fresh air into everything we do. We are creatively ambitious, take risks and are renowned internationally for the freshness of our ideas and for pushing technology to the limit to communicate them. We help our clients from projects as diverse as strategic brand innovation through to tactical advertising campaign management.
  • We are bloody-minded perfectionists and have experience in creating, designing and developing all content, experiences, applications and installations. We produce most of our work in-house and team with the best-in-class production companies when we can’t.
  • Digital runs through our veins.
    We are experts in multi-platform design and development as well as user-experience.
    We are not a full-service agency.
    We prefer to focus on what we do best and partner with the experts to provide services that we do not, such as media planning, SEM and SEO activities.
  • So why work with us? We believe that our ideas are fresh (and win awards internationally).
    We’re small-ish, agile and independent. And most importantly, we do our brainstorming on the beach.*


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